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From the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior:

On the use of punishment:

“AVSAB recommends that training should focus on reinforcing desired behaviors, removing the reinforcer for inappropriate behaviors, and addressing the emotional state and environmental conditions driving the undesirable behavior.”

Read the full position statement here

On how to choose a trainer:

“AVSAB endorses training methods which allow animals to work for things (e.g., food, play, affection) that motivate them rather than techniques that focus on using fear or pain to punish them for undesirable behaviors. Look for a trainer who uses primarily or only reward-based training with treats, toys, and play.”

Read the full position statement here

On puppy socialization:

“During this time puppies should be exposed to as many new people, animals, stimuli and environments as can be achieved safely and without causing overstimulation manifested as excessive fear, withdrawal or avoidance behavior”

Read the full position statement here

On the use of Dominance Theory:

“… what owners really want is not to gain dominance, but to obtain the ability to influence their pets to perform behaviors willingly —which is one accepted definition of leadership”

Read the full position statement here

On Positive Veterinary Care:

“An unpleasant experience at the vet may trigger the “fight, flight, freeze” response. A pet may become aggressive (fight), attempt to get away (flight), or “shut down” (freeze).”

Read the full position statement here

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